"Seattle Mariner Cliff Lee's abdomen treated via injections" from espn.com, March 28, 2010. Read the article.

From the Los Angeles Times, Sports Section, July 9th, 2009

For Claudio Vargas, the scoreless inning he pitched Tuesday night marked his first major- league appearance in more than a year.

Vargas said the turning point in his recovery was when he received the same cutting-edge treatment then Dodgers closer Takashi Saito received last year to salvage his season: an injection of platelet rich plasma into the ailing part of the elbow.

Like Saito last year, Vargas had blood drawn and spun to isolate the platelets, which clot and promote healing. The platelets, 10 times more concentrated than in normal blood, were injected into the site of the injury. Saito was the first baseball player known to receive the treatment.

"They told me it worked for him and that his elbow was in worse shape than mine," Vargas said.

Dancer tells how PRP proved successful alternative to hip replacement.

"I have been a dancer all my life and at the age of 31 I was told by a doctor that I had degenerative arthritis in my hip and would need a hip replacement to handle the condition. I was limping and couldn't dance because of the pain. After going to Megan for the PRP treatments ( I only had two treatments within a six month period) and going to physical therapy for a month - I no longer am in that pain I was in, no limp and I am back dancing again! It truly is remarkable. I highly recommend and can testify that PRP is the new treatment for injuries! Say goodbye to pointless surgeries and let your own body heal itself!!!"


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